In our dental clinic we prepare tools and equipment so that only the clean or sterile supplies and instruments needed for the dental procedure are readily accessible. All other supplies and instruments are kept in covered storage, such as drawers and cabinets, and away from potential contamination. Any supplies and equipment that are exposed but not used during the procedure are considered contaminated and disposed of or reprocessed properly after completion of the procedure.

We avoid aerosol-generating procedures whenever possible. If aerosol-generating procedures are necessary for dental care we use high evacuation suction to minimize droplet spatter and aerosols.

Patients are requested to call our secretary in order to arrange their appointment.They are also informed to limit the number of visitors accompanying them to the dental appointment to only those people who are necessary. Moreover, anyone accompanying them to the appointment, will be requested to wear a cloth face covering or facemask when entering the facility and will undergo screening for fever and symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

In the waiting room ,magazines, and other frequently touched objects that cannot be regularly cleaned or disinfected ,are removed.

Healthcare personnel is informed and trained to follow the covid19 protocols and kindly advice anyone